West Virginia Beef Jerky - Beckley, WV

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Wayne and Patti Burdette from Alderson, WV first launched WV Beef Jerky in the fall of 1996. After a year of juggling spices and utilizing friends and the Greenbrier Hotel Chefs as “taste testers”, the verdict was in… PERFECTION!! Chefs convinced Wayne that the taste was irresistible and that West Virginia Beef Jerky should go commercial.
Today, Wayne and Patti teamed up with Peerless Food Service to reintroduce this mouth-watering jerky. WV Beef Jerky has one goal, and that’s to make the best jerky on the market.

Their beef is carefully selected from premium whole muscle meat, never chopped and formed. We produce small batches to guarantee freshness and quality, and their team carefully grades and hand packs each bag. Never made with nitrates, they feel it is important to provide a product with health in mind.

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