Family Roots Farm - Brooke County, WV

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Family Roots Farm is nestled in the hills of Brooke County, WV overlooking Brooke Hills Park. Homesteaded by Henry Hervey in 1770's, the family farm has been passed through the Hervey family for six generations.

Britney Hervey Farris and her husband Charlie Farris established Family Roots Farm in 2012. Both coming from agricultural backgrounds they decided rather than getting part time jobs in the evenings, to plant an acre of sweet corn to sell at a road side stand. The acre of sweet corn has now grown into a full line of seasonal produce including a variety of tomatoes and peppers, potatoes, green beans, cucumbers, squashes and more that we sell at Brooke County Farmers Market.
In 2013 the sweetest thing hit the market - The Hervey Family’s Maple Syrup! A family tradition for over ten years, the family’s sugarmaker Fred Hervey, decided to begin offering our families syrup for sale. Not only do they have their 100% Pure Syrup for sale but also Pure Maple Sugar, Maple Nuts, Maple Cotton Candy, and more! In 2015, Family Roots Farm received 1st place for their Maple Sugar at the International Maple Conference and a perfect score for their Maple Syrup.

This past fall they produced another Pure All Natural Sweetener – Sorghum! They are excited to bring to market and festivals this coming year. In 2016, they will be expanding our pasture poultry production and begin to grow in their new high tunnel.

Britney and Charlie take great pride in the quality and freshness of their products. When you buy their famous Sweet Corn at the Farmers Market it’s picked the day you buy!

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