The Iconic West Virginia Pepperoni Roll

A person holding a Pepperoni Roll

Image Credit: IG - @Musgrave5

At Wild & Wonderful Box, we have serious cravings for authentic Pepperoni Rolls - did we mention serious? We think we’re in tasteful company since these delightful gems have been around for 90+ years and have the history of our state all rolled up in one deliciously portable package.   

Pepperoni rolls trace their tasty history back to the 1920s, when coal miners required easily portable meals that didn’t need to be refrigerated. Thanks to the wave of Italian immigrants who craved spicy pepperoni, some family recipes and a dash of innovation, pepperoni rolls were born. These delicacies are literally zesty pepperoni baked inside soft, white yeast rolls – but something magical happens when they are cooked. The juices from the warm pepperoni blend with the roll to elevate the concoction to an entirely new level of heavenly goodness.  (Yes, we’re passionate about pepperoni rolls!)

The rolls were first sold in 1927 by Giuseppe Argiro at the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, but family recipes predate that. The rolls in our boxes come from Chico Bakery, home of the legendary Julia’s Pepperoni Roll®, which use the original recipe that Julia herself created in 1925. There are countless variations on the theme – with a single stick of pepperoni, folded slices, or even shredded or ground meat and varied cheeses making an appearance.

Regardless of how you make them, these pepperoni rolls are ready to serve – literally. In fact, our military has used them in MRE’s and as First Strike Rations for light infantry, airborne, and special forces during Operation Enduring Freedom. We can’t wait to see where you take yours!

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